Agro-food industry 

The agro-food industry marked the beginning of our market opening and became the most important portfolio of businesses throughout the company´s history.

Present in both the agro-food industry products and processes, we offer services from production centers and agricultural and livestock management to companies dealing with the transformation and commercialization of products aimed at animal consumption.

Types of Proyects

Our extensive knowledge of the sector, together with a professional level acquired and maintained by the company’s human team, gives us a total operational capacity in the design, construction and integration of electrical services, covering Low and High Voltage. The different competences go through the most significant reviews in electrical installations:

01. Feed factories

05. Cereal treatment and storage

02. Dryers

06. Grinding and pelleting

03. Wine-growing facilities

07. Farms

04. Alfalfa dehydration and granulation

08. Fertilizantes líquidos y sólidos

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