AESL – Our history

Automatizaciones Electricas S.L is born in Zaragoza in 1983 in response to the increasingly emerging market of automation in industrial processes and also to provide support as a service company in the execution of electrical installations in LV and HV as well as in design for Process and Constructive Engineering.

Innovation and technology

Having a distinct technological nature, innovation and the passing of years gave shape to one of the most important companies within the national industrial sector today. Both our mission and vision are an honest reflection of what we are and want to be today and in the future.

Continuous growth

Throughout years of evolution, a company as on-going as ours, has been incorporating more corporative objectives, transforming the foundation ideas into a reality which is clearly present in the way we work and respond to our clients needs.

High value added

At present, Automatizaciones Eléctricas S.L. is a safe and reliable bet that provides a high added value to our customers activities, a resource with a solid trajectory of organizational and technological experience, a company guided by modern and functional strategies to measure the evolution of the industrial world.

Broad scope

Our scope of work covers an immense range of competences and we rely on the adaptability of a team able to manage national and international projects in different segments aiming at differentiation and excellence in implementation.



Present in a wide variety of industrial sectors we introduce technology for growth, generate development and promote our clients product value and services.



To lead the automatization market and manage to become a benchmark in the industrial sector. Create a corporate brand consistent with the technological level required by cutting edge industrial companies and with a highly positive growth projection rate.


Corporate values

Profesionalism and innovative attitude, competitiveness, trust in human resources, leadership and excellency, client oriented, ability to solve and take decisions and create value.

Human Resources

The main asset in any company is, and will always be, its human team. In AESL we have taken this very seriously and we now rely upon a highly technical workforce, whose training is always geared by the company´s objectives.

The people who make up the team in this company are clearly aligned with our corporate philosophy and show a spirit of permanent improvement in line with the development of our target market.

Do your company need to automatize processes? Contact with us

Does your company need to automatize processes? Do not hesitate to contact Automatizaciones Eléctricas S.L. Our scope of action covers an immense diversity of capabilities and the versatility offered by a team capable of managing national and international projects in different segments and with the goal of differentiation and excellence in execution.

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